AI Powered Data Recovery

When your PC or Laptop hard drive fails, it can be a nightmare. Our data recovery services encompass a thorough analysis of the issue, followed by strategic recovery methods.

Forensic Recovery

Our specialized forensic data recovery services encompass advanced digital forensic analysis tailored to uncover and retrieve critical data for legal, investigative, or compliance purposes.

Storage Failures

Storage failures are an inevitable part of the digital landscape, but their impact can be mitigated through proactive measures. By understanding the causes businesses can safeguard their valuable data.

Recovery Procedure

Our Photo, Video & Files Recovery services begin with a comprehensive diagnosis and analysis of your system’s components. Using advanced recovery & diagnostic tools.

Data Recovery

AI Powered Comprehensive Data Recovery Services for Various Storage Media

Is your hard drive experiencing issues? Our specialized hard drive recovery services are designed to address a range of hard drive malfunctions, including physical damage, logical errors, and data corruption. With advanced techniques and tools, we aim to retrieve your valuable data from various types of hard drives, ensuring a seamless recovery process.

AI Powered Data Recovery

Whether your computer or external HDD has encountered physical damage or suffered from logical errors, our data recovery services cater to a variety of data loss scenarios. We understand the importance of your data and employ specialized methods to recover your files securely and efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to your workflow.

Drives supported : HDD (PATA/SATA/USB/Micro-B) , SSD (SATA) , nVME , SD Card/MicroSD, USB Drives

Retrieve & Salvage your data now with us and get same day diagnosis.
Specialist in Seagate HDD Recovery , Toshiba HDD Recovery, Samsung HDD Recovery, and many more. We provide faster turnaround with the highest success rate

Did you drop your harddrive? or is your device asking to format? ICS will be able to retrieve your lost data! Contact us now to restore your data for your harddrives

SD Card Recovery

Accidentally formatted or experiencing data loss on your SD card? Our SD card recovery services focus on retrieving data from various types of SD cards, including those used in cameras, smartphones, and other electronic devices. We employ advanced techniques to recover your valuable photos, videos, and other files from SD cards, ensuring that your memories are preserved.

USB Drive Recovery

Has your USB drive become inaccessible or encountered data loss? Our USB drive recovery services are tailored to retrieve your important files from USB flash drives, pen drives, and other types of USB storage devices. Whether it’s due to logical errors or physical damage, we utilize specialized tools to recover your data securely and effectively.

External Drive Recovery

Has your external hard drive failed or encountered data loss? Our comprehensive data recovery services can effectively retrieve your precious files from even the most severely damaged external hard drives. Our team of certified experts and advanced technology ensures the highest possible success rate in restoring your data. Contact us today to get your valuable information back.

NVMe Recovery

Our specialized NVMe data recovery services are designed to restore your peace of mind. With our team of certified experts and cutting-edge data recovery tools, we can effectively retrieve your lost files from even the most severely damaged NVMe SSDs.

Why Trust Our NVMe Data Recovery Expertise?

  • Unparalleled Expertise: Our team comprises highly experienced and certified data recovery specialists who possess in-depth knowledge of NVMe SSDs and their intricate data structures.

  • Advanced Technology at Your Service: We employ state-of-the-art data recovery software and hardware to meticulously scan and extract data from even the most damaged NVMe drives.

  • Proven Success Rates: We have a remarkable track record of successfully recovering data from a wide range of NVMe SSD failures, even in the most challenging cases.

Forensic Recovery

Our specialized forensic data recovery services encompass advanced digital forensic analysis tailored to uncover and retrieve critical data for legal, investigative, or compliance purposes. Our team of experienced forensic analysts conducts thorough examinations of digital devices, employing state-of-the-art tools and techniques to ensure the preservation and extraction of crucial information.

Legal Compliance and Evidence Preservation

We understand the paramount importance of maintaining legal compliance and preserving the integrity of evidence. Our forensic data recovery services are meticulously executed in adherence to legal standards and best practices, ensuring that all data retrieved is handled and documented with meticulous care to maintain its admissibility in legal proceedings.

Stringent Chain of Custody Procedures

We implement stringent chain of custody procedures throughout the entire forensic data recovery process, meticulously documenting and securing all evidence to uphold its integrity and admissibility. Our commitment to maintaining a meticulous chain of custody is vital in ensuring the credibility and reliability of the digital evidence recovered.

Expert Testimony and Consultation

Our seasoned forensic analysts are available to provide expert testimony and consultation, offering their specialized knowledge and insights to support legal cases and investigations. With a deep understanding of digital forensics and data recovery methodologies, our team can provide clear and concise explanations to aid legal professionals and investigators in understanding complex technical aspects.

Thorough Data Reconstruction and Analysis

Our comprehensive forensic data recovery services include thorough data reconstruction and analysis, allowing us to piece together fragmented or deleted data to provide a comprehensive overview of digital activities. Leveraging advanced data recovery tools and methodologies, we can identify and interpret critical information that may be pivotal to the successful resolution of legal cases or investigations.

We recognize the critical role that accurate and reliable digital evidence plays in legal and investigative matters. With an unwavering commitment to professionalism and adherence to legal standards, our forensic data recovery services are designed to provide you with the essential support and evidence required for your specific forensic needs.

Contact us today to learn more about how our forensic data recovery services can assist you in uncovering and retrieving vital digital evidence for your legal and investigative requirements.

Storage Failures

Storage failures are an inevitable part of the digital landscape, but their impact can be mitigated through proactive measures. By understanding the causes, consequences, and implementing effective mitigation strategies, individuals and businesses can safeguard their valuable data and navigate the challenges posed by storage failures with resilience.

Mechanical Failure

Components within machinery naturally degrade over time due to friction, stress, and constant use. Inadequate maintenance exacerbates wear and tear, hastening the deterioration of critical parts.

Electronic Failure

Over time, electronic components may degrade due to factors such as heat, voltage fluctuations, and environmental conditions. Aging capacitors, resistors, and other components can compromise the functionality of electronic systems.
Mechanical failure Electronic failure Firmware
Human error Logical Corrupt file
Hard disk repair Complex failure Infrastructure failure
Malware Mechanical hard disks Media faults
Overheating Registry or system setting errors Unintentional file deletion

Data Recovery Procedure

Starting the recovery journey is a breeze – our procedure is straightforward and hassle-free. We swiftly collect your drive, ensuring a seamless beginning to the data recovery process.

Our Guarantee

Rest easy with our NO DATA NO FEE GUARANTEE, ensuring you only pay for successful recoveries. However, leveraging high-tech solutions, we’re equipped to recover data in all possible scenarios, providing comprehensive coverage for your data retrieval needs.

Data Recovery Procedure

  1. Effortless Device Collection: Begin with a hassle-free collection of your device, setting the stage for a smooth data recovery process.
  2. Secured Registration and NDA: Safeguard your privacy through efficient registration, reinforced by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for added confidentiality.
  3. Thorough Analysis and Diagnostics: Our expert technicians conduct a detailed analysis, pinpointing the cause of data loss—be it logical errors or physical damage.
  4. Proactive Customer Updates: Stay informed with proactive updates via WhatsApp or calls for successful analysis, or receive timely notifications in case of failure.
  5. Transparent Quotation and Approval: Receive a clear quotation for your approval, transparently outlining the recovery process and associated costs.
  6. Expert Recovery by ICS: Skilled technicians at ICS initiate the recovery process, using advanced techniques tailored for any drives.
  7. Secure Data Transfer: Ensuring integrity, your recovered data undergoes a secure transfer to new media for accessibility.
  8. Prompt Delivery: Experience a swift and secure delivery of your finalized data, concluding our efficient data recovery service with a focus on customer satisfaction.


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